Purim – Empathy

commentsHere’s a Hebrew article I wrote for “Beino Uveini”, a Parsha Sheet on interpersonal relationships (yeah, I mean Chessed). The tone is meant to be slightly humorous. This is relevant because, A: it consists of commentary on Megillas Esther, and B: it discusses empathy, an emotion necessary for the Torah publisher, see here (in the first step).

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Seizing the Moment

learning with chilldrenHere’s a short Hebrew piece I wrote for the “Ma’aseh Rav” column in “Chazu Banai”. 

Chazu Banai is the name of  a beautiful Parsha sheet I help edit published by Kinyan Yosef“, a unique children’s learning program. It was published yesterday after some editing, but here’s the original (!) version: Continue reading

Miyad Mamash – Part One

082222-green-jelly-icon-business-clock6-sc43What does “Miyad” mean? This not a trick question…

To ‘publish’ a novel theory before complete observation of all the available evidence (or at least a large enough pool of falsifiable data samples) is “not serious”. Nevertheless, since, 1, there is no question of deciding any Halacha based on the notion, and, 2, seeing as Jews must occupy the majority of their time with actual learning, let’s leave the painstaking lexicographical verification (by combing through mountains of references) to those whom this work suits. Continue reading

Leima versus Neima – Part One

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Huh? Aren’t they interchangeable, perfect synonyms?

In fact there is an important, but somewhat unknown, difference between these lookalike terms in Gemara usage. I hope, G-d willing, to explain matters.

Leima indicates an a priori option to be rejected, while Neima is customarily used for a lasting idea. See Tosafos quoted below. It’s simple to remember: Leima is ‘lame’. Continue reading